Don’t you just love it when you find a dress, that when you try on, You immediately love. I’m one of those people that doesn’t make quick decisions anymore about clothes. I’m one of those who goes back and tries things on 3 or 4 times before I actually buy it! However, this Next Official dress is white, floaty, 100% cotton and looks great with most footwear. I’ve paired it with my white Converse which also seem to go with everything! 

Converse from Office £54.99,21/2452010866

My handbag today is from the lovely Anne Hudson Boutique, it’s the perfect cross body that can fit all my bits in. It’s a lovely grey with a metallic foil stripe. 

Available from

This denim jacket is so old, but I just can’t seem to find one that comes close to it. I’m still on the hunt for a new one. I’ve linked one here that I have my eye on.

My only accessory today was this beautiful watch from Stella & Dot. It’s the Pyramid tank watch-Exotic £85 linked here

Overall the dress is fab, and it comes in black too! But don’t tempt me. 

Wishing you a lovely evening of internet browsing, Joanna x

2 thoughts on “The little white dress

  1. I love this outfit on you! I don’t own a white dress but I have loads of white lacy tops from New Look, George, H&M. They male jeans or a skirt look so pretty and Summery xxx

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