One of my favourite things to do is to put a fun outfit together. I have had this Primark skirt for a while now and if I’m honest I have only wore it a couple of times. Its such a beautiful skirt and for me its just building up my confidence to wear it more. I do love to wear things that stand out a little and I have become a lot more confident doing this the older I’ve got.

It’s interesting because just a few weeks ago, Zoe from ‘dresslikeamum’ was saying that some mums had been in touch with her saying they had received negative vibes from other mums because they had wore something cool and fashionable, like bright pink trousers or silver shoes to do the school run in. I mean why is this still happening? Why are grown women criticizing and tearing down other women? Support each other, say something nice, its not hard and you will make that mum feel great if you do. I love to give compliments, and whenever I see someone wearing something I like, I will always ask that person where they bought it. It has happened to me and it immediately makes you feel great!

We also need to stop worrying about what other people might be thinking, and feel a bit more confident in wearing ‘what we love’. I’m definitely doing this more.


I’ve paired this gorgeous skirt with some really comfy trainers from Holster Australia. They are called the Jetsetter.


Don’t you just love trainers with a pretty skirt?



The red tee is from H&M it is a slogan tee at the back, it says ‘lets meet in los angeles’ I think the pop of red brings the red flower out in the skirt beautifully. The tee is £8.99 and available


You can easily take it from day to night with some gorgeous statement jewellery from This emerald green ring and art deco bracelet brings out the green detail in the skirt. The clutch is a timeless classic from Dior.

I’ve linked a few other floral skirts below if you cant get hold of this one, it has been out for a while now.

698936_main floral scuba prom skirt&SearchRedirect=true

7356936-1-multi skirt&pgesize=36&pge=1&totalstyles=187&gridsize=3&gridrow=2&gridcolumn=1

8174657-1-creamprint skirt&pgesize=36&pge=1&totalstyles=187&gridsize=3&gridrow=8&gridcolumn=3

7325159-1-multi skirt&pgesize=36&pge=2&totalstyles=189&gridsize=3&gridrow=3&gridcolumn=3

7664325-1-multi skirt&pgesize=36&pge=0&totalstyles=188&gridsize=3&gridrow=3&gridcolumn=3


Hope you liked my outfit today, and remember to be confident and wear what YOU love.

Joanna, x


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