I spend quite a bit of my time in changing rooms, so thought I’d sit down, relax and take a selfie in H&M. I tried loads of things on and this red jumper came home with me.

I’ve linked a few things below that have now gone into sale, unfortunately the red jumper is still full price, however it’s only £17.99 so still a good price and comes in other colours too, I’ve also linked the red jumper on my Instagram story.

Skinny ankle jeans reduced to £14.99 H&M

Imitation suede biker jacket £24.99 H&M

Pink wool blend coat £35.99 H&M

Trainers £12.99 H&M

T-shirt £3.99 H&M

Crinkled blouse £11.99 H&M

Short parka £12.49 H&M

Cashmere jumper £59.99 H&M

Silk shirt £41.99 H&M

Crepe dress £29.99 H&M

Patterned dress £25.99 H&M

Balloon sleeves jumper £24.99 H&M

Skinny jeans £24.99 H&M

Suede trainers £24.99 H&M

Suede bag £22.99 H&M

Fitted jacket £19.49 H&M

Red jumper £17.49 H&M

Satin top £9.99 (pink) £14.99 (black)

Parka with a hood £23.99 H&M

Jumper with lace £14.99 H&M

I hope you like my picks today! Joanna x

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