Im loving green at the moment, well actually I’m loving all bright colours at the moment, the brighter the better! Colour just seems to give me confidence and makes me feel happy! When I wore this green dress on holiday I had so many of you asking me where it was from.

This dress is from Promod, a lovely little shop I discovered while on holiday in Cannes. They have some lovely pieces in at the moment, and i thought I’d share my favourite ones with you. All linked below.

Crossover dress £39.95 (available in different colours)!/women/crossover-dress-multicolour-print-R7200084500.html

Long dress £49.95!/women/long-dress-pink-print-R7200072541.html

Patterned dress £26.95 (available different colours)!/women/patterned-dress-multicolour-print-R7200051500.html

Neat handbag £26.95!/women/shop/summer-fashion-moods.html

Frilly skirt £39.95!/women/shop/summer-fashion-moods.html

Patterned bomber jacket £49.95!/women/shop/summer-fashion-moods.html

Studded boots £49.95!/women/studded-boots-black-R7290034001.html

Pleated skirt £39.95!/women/under-the-knee-pleat-skirt-light-grey-R7210009699.html

Patterned kimono £39.95!/women/patterned-kimono-ecru-print-R7270031521.html

Butterfly sleeves dress £39.95 (available different colours)!/women/butterfly-sleeved-dress-red-R7200036740.html

Long patterned dress £69.95!/women/long-patterned-dress-red-print-R7200061540.html

Frilly top £29.95!/women/frilly-top-light-yellow-R7260041654.html

Happy shopping! Joanna xx

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