I thought I would do a quick blog on some rain coats, macs, parkas whatever you like to call them. The weather doesn’t look to good over the next few days so wanted to see if I could find any Mac’s that weren’t too boring or dull. To be honest its not my favourite item of clothing, but this one I’m wearing from Next has some pretty nice detail to it and sort of pimps it up a bit (which is what I loved about it)


It has ruched sleeves and a tie detail, with a drawstring waist and oversized fit. This is available through Next at £78 http://www.next.co.uk/g50108s5

I’ve linked below a few others that caught my eye..


Metallic parka £58 This is a short parka with a hood, but long enough to cover the bum area (which I like)  http://www.next.co.uk/g5098s5#743894


Joules Raina grey bloom print waterproof £140 This is a cute floral print Mac I think would also look good with a dress http://www.next.co.uk/g6a2278s3#955249


Topshop Metallic Mac £39 If you are adventurous then this one is for you, such a conversation starter http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/clothing-427/jackets-coats-2390889/metallic-mac-6627478?bi=0&ps=20


Washed Trench coat £69 I love this pink trench, its such a lovely summery colour, and would brighten up any day  http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/clothing-427/jackets-coats-2390889/washed-trench-coat-6519312?bi=80&ps=20


Zara parka with hidden hood. Classic black parka, goes with everything £59.99 https://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/outerwear/view-all/parka-with-hidden-hood-c719012p4284584.html


Zara sequinned parka £69.99 This is my favourite and if I needed a new parka this would be it! https://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/outerwear/view-all/sequinned-parka-c719012p4273555.html


Zara Metallic raincoat £49.99 Love the length of this one and again its a great metallic colour https://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/outerwear/view-all/metallic-raincoat-c719012p4146515.html


Zara Embroidered trench. This hasn’t got a hood but would look good under an umbrella, keeping you on trend with the embroidery £99.99 https://www.zara.com/uk/en/woman/outerwear/view-all/embroidered-trench-coat-c719012p4224518.html


HM Khaki green parka £49.99 Very similar to mine but a bit cheaper  http://www2.hm.com/en_gb/productpage.0505167001.html#Khaki green

Try not to get to wet today, and have a lovely evening.

Joanna x

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