I have always loved tights, they are the best thing to put on for comfort and I never buy cheap tights. Quality and fit is very important to me and they need to last. When I was younger I always used to buy cheap tights and I would go through pair after pair. Then I bought a pair of good branded tights and the fit and quality was excellent and they lasted me for a long time. So I’m always interested in new brands that offer quality and comfort and when I was introduced to Heist Studio tights I knew I had come across a good pair of tights.

Heist tights feature four signature design features:

  1. A waistband that moves when you move
  2. The softest, stretchy, sleekest yarn
  3. Seamless design and no gusset
  4. Redesigned from top to toe SEAM

They also offer two different size waistbands, a low waist band and a high waist band.

They come in a 80, 50, or 30 denier and also a Nude 18 denier invisible tight which look amazing.

I’ve included a few pictures of my own (below) wearing the 30 and 50 denier.




The above photos are the 30 denier which aren’t too thick and look great for a night out with heels. They feel super soft and really comfortable, and I love the no toe seam.



The above two photos are the 50 denier high waist, and I must admit these are my favourites because the waistband comes up really high and holds everything in and I love that, that is a selling point for me straight away.

Take a look at  https://heist-studios.com/ for your perfect tights and type in ‘HEISTINSTA’ and you will receive 15% off any order of 2 pairs or more.

Happy International Women’s Day to you all

Joanna xx




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