I do love a floral dress, the prettier more feminine the better for me and there are some really pretty ones out there at the moment. Once upon a time you would have only worn a floral dress in the spring/summertime, however there are a few ways to add it into your winter wardrobe. Pop a jumper over the top of your dress so you still get that pretty skirt look and team with a leather jacket or wool coat (like my photo above) add a warm scarf and gloves and not only do you look ‘pretty cool’ your warm and you will probably brighten up somebody’s day as its very easy to get stuck in the rut of wearing black all winter (I know I’m guilty of this) I love BLACK! Another great idea if the dress is sleeveless try popping a polo neck underneath the dress, and if this is a bit too bulky for you, you could try the  luxury sleeves which they do in both jersey and lace, although I’ve never tried them personally they do look very nice.

I have included a few of my favourite dresses below:


Rose flute sleeve dress £36.00 available through


Victoriana neck Dress 35.00 available at


Nobodys child dress £28.00 available through


Daisy spot tea dress £35.00 available through


Floral midi dress £39.99 from




My shimmy sleeves also available in black.



2 thoughts on “The Floral Dress

  1. Lovely – I picked up a lovely little star print dress from matalan and was thinking the new colour of chloe style boots from office would go nicely for spring – have you purchased any of them to recommend ? X


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